HACCP UK can help you obtain your EC number!

If you need an EC Number and do not have one; you are breaking the law if you are trading.

This is strict legislation and you risk being prosecuted if you trade without an EC Number.

We can help!

Working alongside us on a project basis to gain your EC Number (Approval Code), our systems and expertise will provide you with all the evidence that the FSA and EHO need to award you full EC approval status.

We can also help you if you have had your approval status removed and have lapsed back to conditional approval.  Our consultants will ensure that the improvements you need to make are implemented quickly and effectively, so you can regain your full approval status in the shortest possible time.

Contact us to obtain more information or to get a quote to get your EC Approval underway today!

Information About EC Numbers

Approved Food Establishment premises receive approval when they have been awarded an EC Approval Code (EC number).  To become approved, your food business will be required to meet very specific criteria within a strictly enforced amount of time in order to comply.  Approval codes are granted by either the FSA, your EHO or a combination of the two enforcing bodies.

Approval codes are re-inspected by enforcing authorities at least annually. During these inspections, approval codes may be withdrawn completely, special measures imposed and your approval code again made conditional.

Premises with Conditional codes will need to make major improvements within a very limited time period.   If your premises fail to make the required improvements and/or you fail to make those improvements within the time parameters given; your approval code will be withdrawn and your business will be prohibited from trading.

HACCP UK will ensure that you receive your EC approval code within those parameters.  Working with you on a project basis, HACCP UK will guide you and help you to implement the necessary elements to gain an approval code.

If your business has been demoted to conditional approval status, then HACCP UK will work with you to help you make the improvements necessary to regain your full approval status.

Remember, if you need an EC approval code for your business, you cannot operate without it.  To do so would be breaking the law and you would be liable for prosecution.

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