Food Safety Laws require anyone with a food business to have a documented food safety management system.  Within this documented food safety management system, would be your HACCP plans for the specific products in your food business.

Now, not every single food business will necessarily need full HACCP plans.  For instance, a small food warehouse, distributing only to their local community where no open food is handled would be unlikely to.  However, if the scope of that food warehouse business is that they are larger, perhaps importing goods and /or exporting out of the country; then they could well be required to have HACCP plans in place for their products.  This is because they will require a more in-depth analysis of their food business operation, due to its more extensive scope and the increased risks to the foods, due to this scope.

As you already know, HACCP UK are HACCP specialists, but we are also food safety experts as well.   We can help you to write your documented food safety management system, and HACCP Plans as required.  We will ensure that your documented food safety management system is fully tailored to your requirements, whether you have a small warehouse operation, right through to much larger scoped food business operations and food businesses handling higher risk products.