Does your food business vacuum pack its ingredients or final products?

If you vac pack in house, it is usually to make the shelf life of your ingredients last a little longer and give you more flexibility with your ingredients usage.

If you are vacuum packing products, you are likely to be asked for a HACCP plan for this process by your EHO.  Vacuum packing of products or ingredients is not covered by the Safer Food Better Business pack, and your vacuum packing process will require a full HACCP plan to ensure the safety of the foods undergoing this process.

A vacuum packing HACCP plan has to incorporate and consider the following elements:

  • Specific risks associated with the food(s) being vacuum packed – is the food still safe?
  • How the shelf life of the vacuum packed product is calculated, and, most importantly, how the shelf life of that food is then managed in practice;
  • How the processing steps of the food before, and after (if relevant) the vacuum packing process, impacts the vacuum packed foods and their final usage.

EHO’s are requiring HACCP plans for the vacuum packing stage in businesses that ordinarily have not been required to have HACCP plans before.  Understandably, these businesses are not always sure how to present the information required, as they have not had to write HACCP plans before.

HACCP UK can help.  As experts in writing HACCP plans for all manner of businesses, large, small scale and even micro businesses.  HACCP UK can help you to create a HACCP plan for just this element of your business, if that is all that is required.  Of course, we can assist you with the other criteria of your food safety management too, as required.

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