Picture this: You have a meat products business and you have customers. Excellent!

Soon that customer base has grown and you are told by either your EHO from the Council; or the inspecting Officer or Veterinarian from the FSA (Food Standards Agency) that you cannot continue to trade as you have been doing and therefore supply your new customers, until you have an EC Approval Number and are passed and registered as an approved premises.

The law surrounding EC Approval Numbers is strict and necessarily so.  This legislation was introduced to prevent meat fraud.

The main requirement to gain an EC Approval Number is to have individual HACCP plans in place for all your product lines.  This is one the clauses that the enforcing authorities are the most strict to enforce.  Some enforcing authorities now are insisting that draft HACCP plans are created before you have even installed your production lines to operate your new business.

HACCP UK can help!  We can work with you to create draft HACCP plans to satisfy the EHO and/or FSA’s requirements at any stage that they require them.  By creating your draft HACCP plans using HACCP UK’s services, your new business will not be held up from opening by having to rush these plans when you are wanting to open and trade.