Help!   I need a new HACCP plan, my business is now being classed as being a food manufacturer.

Has this happened to your business? We hear this frequently.  The usual scenario is that you might have a small catering business which gets more popular and busier (the result you desire).  Your products are so popular that you then start to be asked by other retail outlets to supply them with your products, and you happily do so, pleased that your products are so popular.   At this stage, due to the demand, you might move to a larger facility so that you have the capacity to supply these other outlets, and also supply back your own original shop.

Either way, ta da!! You are now a food manufacturer.   When you receive your next visit from your EHO, they will tell you that you now need to have HACCP plans in place for each of your product lines, because you are now manufacturing food for sale in other outlets and your throughput has increased.

If you are a producer of meat products, you might then also need an EC Approval Code to continue your food business operation (refer to:

If you are in this situation, and already know that you are now a food manufacturer, we can help.  We can help you to write or rewrite your HACCP plans so that you are again compliant with food safety law, regardless of the new status of your business.

Refer to:

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