We had to regain their EC Approval Code, after the Enforcement Officers downgraded their existing approval to being Conditional.

This client had recently moved premises and their EHO had used this move to make their EC approval code (Health Mark) temporary again, despite them having held it for many years previously.

Making their EC approval code a temporary code again meant that if they did not have the necessary compliance in place by a date a few months into the future, they would be unable to trade in those products and therefore they would lose their business. It wasn’t that this business had no HACCP plans in place, but they were laborious and difficult to understand and therefore prove the food safety on a consistent basis.

We helped our client to understand and then plug the gaps in their existing food safety management systems by creating additional documentation and most importantly, new and more user friendly HACCP plans for the hams and the other meat products they were producing.

We then attended their re-compliance inspection whilst their EHO was on site and as a result we regained their EC Approval in full and they were able to trade again.

Example of a health mark