Food safety management solutions and HACCP plans

HACCP UK create complete food safety management solutions which are designed specifically for your business

HACCP UK’s food safety management solutions are written for your business.  This means that all your food safety management solutions are fully tailored to your product and operational practices.

We begin by working with you to benchmark your existing systems using gap analysis techniques. Those gaps are then filled, using our extensive expertise in food safety principles and by implementing a combination of HACCP practices and Food Safety Management solutions both practically into your production areas, and are also embedded within your documented systems and procedures.

HACCP UK is exclusively staffed by qualified and very experienced food safety consultants, specifically qualified to Advanced HACCP levels with additional qualifications in business and management.

With over 20 years of food safety management experience at your disposal, we will guide you through the complexities of food safety management systems by providing you with the guidance and techniques that you and your staff need.  We will also create comprehensive solutions for all your Food Safety Management needs, supported by tailored food safety and HACCP training solutions.

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a method of ensuring and proving that your food product is consistently safe to eat by consumers. However, HACCP must be done fully and properly for it to be effective, and there are many aspects to creating and finalising it. A poorly considered and rushed HACCP could cost lives through food poisoning and your business reputation would be lost too.