ISO 22000

Critical Control Points ChecklistWe provide a full implementation service encompassing all aspects of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 for certification to UKAS standards, specialising in the food sector. During this process we will provide test and validate your Critical Control Points, Pre-Requisites and critical limits etc.

Food Safety Audits

Provision of pre-audits and Internal audits in advance of external accredited or customer audits. This provides essential validation and verification of your food safety management systems and your HACCP, together with evidence of continual system maintenance and a commitment to the ongoing improvement of your food safety management systems. A clear commitment to the continual improvement of your HACCP and food safety management system is a mandatory requirement of ISO 22000.

Food Safety Management Team Participation

We provide expert technical advice to your food safety management team and act as an additional member of your team. The benefits of this include an independent opinion of day to day operational and quality issues and a fresh viewpoint for your customer complaints. We can also peer review your internal audits, incorporating a check of your entire food safety management system and your HACCP, to ensure complete coverage of your operation is being achieved.


Beware of Foodborne Bacteria - Bacillus cereus

bacillus bacteria

General information - B. cereus belong to a group of bacteria which are spore formers. It also produces toxins and it is these toxins that cause illness. These bacteria are present in foods and can multiply quickly at room temperature, but can protect themselves using spores rapidly too. The main cause of infection due to these bacteria is the improper handling of prepared foods, especially rice and 'leftovers' as well as soups and sauces left out for too long at room temperature.

Symptoms - Diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and vomiting.

Prevention - By implementing a well designed and maintained HACCP system within your food business, the risk of passing on the Bacillus cereus bacteria to your product's consumers may be significantly reduced by your business.

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Dining Out

When abroad and eating from breakfast buffets, (you know the type that are in big tureens and have tea lights underneath them) you have no idea when and how the food was prepared.tureen Reduce your risks by doing what the team at HACCP UK do, by choosing the foods that are at the bottom of the tureen and therefore closest to the flame. Why? – because these foods will be hottest and bacteria is (generally) killed by heat. Obviously this is not foolproof, but the best you can do in this situation.