Food Hygiene Consultancy

Providing a full food safety consultancy for your food business operation including carrying out hazard analysis, determining critical contol points, pre-requisites and creating the necessary food safety management policies, procedures and monitoring documentation. All areas are then maintained with regular compliance audits. Managment and staff are given the key insights with associated training i.e. Food Hygiene Certificates, HACCP training and internal food audit competencies.

Food Safety Management System Development

HACCP UK develop food safety management solutions for the specific needs of your organisation. We comply fully with food hygiene legislation requirements whilst exceeding existing industry best practice standards, giving you the edge to become market leaders in your field. This provides our clients with cost-effective solutions for implementing or maintaining best practice, whilst offering a variety of ways to meet the needs of your business, This approach will save our clients' money too.

Audit Provision

If you have an important customer or potential customer visit impending, you may wish to get external verification of your HACCP and food safety management systems in advance of this audit. An independent audit of your documented food safety management system encompassing your HACCP plan, Pre-Requisites and a thorough site inspection will give confidence to both your management team and also your visitor, by ably demonstrating your commitment to your food safety, plus affording external validation of the systems. Any non conformances found can then be acted upon before the all important visit.

Expert Witness

Have you been inspected by your local authority and received a less than favourable report or lost your previous higher star rating? We can help! How? By communicating with the inspector, heading off improvement notices, explaining and facilitating improvements they require. Then, ensuring that you implement effective systems and procedures, with the provision of appropriate training, to be certain that the situation is not repeated. A specialist legal representative can also be sourced, as required.


Beware of Foodborne Bacteria - Salmonella

e coli bacteria

General Information - Salmonella is not the name for a specific bacteria but the collective name for a group, there are more than 2000 identified strains of Salmonella, including one found in chocolate (S.napoli). Salmonella is normally contracted due to improper cooking and storage of foods including eggs, poultry, meat, juices and cheese, although it may also be found on reptiles. It is zoonotic and is also easily spread from person to person. Using utensils previously used to handle raw food, to then handle/serve cooked food is one of the main causes of infection from this bacteria.

Symptoms - Diarrhoea, fever, abdominal cramps and vomiting.

Prevention - By implementing a well designed and maintained HACCP system within your food business, the risk of passing on the Salmonella bacteria to your product's consumers may be significantly reduced by your business.

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500 Deaths

An estimated one million people a year in the UK suffer from foodborne illness, with 20,000 receiving hospital treatment and causing about 500 deaths. This costs the UK economy approximately £1.5 billion annually. Source FSA August 2012 Bacteria

Implementing a comprehensive food safety management system with an integral HACCP, within your business model now, may help avoid passing a foodborne illness to your consumers. Your investment in a correctly designed and implemented HACCP system, will assist you to promote positive food safety practices across your entire organisation. Your HACCP system helps protect both your client's and your business' health, thus safeguarding your reputation by preventing your products from adding to foodborne illness statistics.